2017-10-05 18:35:01

Who Designed Beyonce's 2016 VMAs Dress

It's kiss my lingerie not quite the VMAs until Beyonce arrives, and this year she made quite a statement. The singer hit the red carpet with the whole family wearing standout outfits. Let's just say this family photo will definitely go down in sartorial history. Who designed Beyonce's VMAs dress? It's not for sure, but there are a few designers that would make sense.

If you didn't see Queen Bey's demi cup lingerie look, let me break it down for you. The light blue dress was completely see-through with the exception of a bedazzled belt and jewels trailing down in a striped patter. The main focus was on the collar though. It was completely made of feathers and went up almost to the top of her head. Basically, it was the perfect amount of over-the-top to make it just enough.

While I thought she was cute inexpensive lingerie possibly rocking a Givenchy dress, since that's who designed the last five of her Met Gala dresses, I was wrong. It turns out that Francesco Scognamiglio designed Beyonce's dress. The design is straight out of the sartorial artist's fall/winter 2016 couture collection. She did give it her own twist with the addition of the the rhinestone belt though.

The body shaping lingerie collar looks pretty darn similar to angel wings.